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Sun holidays Offers & Deals

Where better to relax than in a sunny, beautiful country? It's not surprising that we like to choose a sunny, cheap destination during the summer holidays. But it's not just in the summer that we like to go abroad. Even in the gloomy winter months, a cheap sunny holiday to a sunny place can do you good. Enjoy a little extra vitamin D! But where does the trip go? And are you going for a last minute sun holiday or would you like to book in advance?

How do you choose the right location for your sun holiday?

If you go on holiday by plane, the world is open to you. But that can also make the choice difficult! Because which place is the most suitable for your ideal holiday? That depends on several things. But especially on what you want to do in your holiday! So think about what you want in advance. Would you like to lie on the beach all day or do you want to sniff some culture in between? Do you opt for an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to think about anything anymore? Or would you rather stay at a quiet camping? When looking for suitable offers for your sun holiday you can take this into consideration.

Make a car trip during your cheap summer holiday

Do you want a combination of nature and culture in your summer holiday? Looking for peace and quiet, but also visiting busy cities? If you are looking for the ultimate change, a car trip could be a good idea. Of course you can also rent a car on the spot and visit the places you want. In this way you can put together your ideal holiday. Even if you prefer not to arrange anything, there are options. Then there are all kinds of organized tours to book where you no longer have to arrange anything yourself.


What weather is it at your favourite destination?

On your holiday you want sun of course. But of course it's not summer everywhere at once. And some countries are so hot during the summer that it's better to go there in the spring. Are you looking for holiday destinations where you can go during the summer holidays in the Netherlands? Then you can stay close to home in Europe. Countries like Greece, Portugal and Italy are not too far from home. So you don't have to sit on a plane for too long if you don't feel like it. For white beaches and a blue sea you certainly don't have to fly to the other side of the world.

Also a nice sunshine holiday in winter


In the winter it can be very nice to get some sun. Have you always wanted to go to the Netherlands Antilles? In December it is lovely to stay here. And the fact that you can speak Dutch here is of course a bonus! Have you always wanted to make a tour in Florida? If the weather here in the Netherlands is bleak in November, Florida is the place to be. So you can check for each season which countries have the weather you are looking for. Where one person is happy with temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius, another will be oppressed by the Spanish weather.

Stay close to home? Then think of Spain for your ideal sun holiday

For an exotic feeling at your holiday destination, you don't have to go far from home. In Spain for example, you will find everything you are looking for for a beautiful holiday. Would you like to stroll around on the boulevard? Or is an active holiday filled with activities such as diving and mountain climbing more your thing? You will find it all in Spain. And of course you have the Canary Islands that belong to Spain. White beaches, a blue sea and drinking cocktails on the beach. One thing is for sure, for your sun holiday you don't have to go far away!

Sun holiday in Croatia

Another suitable place for a cheap sun holiday is Croatia. In this beautiful country you will find everything you want. Quiet places without mass tourism are still plenty to be found here. You can go here both for a quiet sun holiday at the beach or for an active holiday. But Croatia also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Walk along the city walls of the old town of Dubrovnik or see the impressive buildings in Split. Croatia is also the ideal country to rent a car and make a nice tour.

Sniffing up special cultures during a sun holiday to Asia

Asia is gaining popularity among holidaymakers and we don't think that's crazy. Countries with friendly people and the most delicious food. But Asia has a lot more in store for you. Nature in Asia, for example, is breathtaking. But also because of the totally different culture you will often be amazed. To experience a totally different culture, Asia is certainly the place to be. Visiting one of the many Buddhist temples is highly recommended. But also just walking down the street you will marvel at the beautiful buildings. All in all, Asia is certainly a beautiful continent for a round trip that you will not forget all your life.

A cheap sunshine holiday? Think of a last minute!

Doesn't the location matter to you as long as it's warm and sunny? Then last minute holiday booking is a smart way to go on a cheap flight holiday. Are you afraid that you only have a limited choice then? Nowadays that is certainly not the case. The choice for last minute sun holidays is getting bigger and bigger. With a bit of searching for sunshine holiday offers you can quickly find a nice holiday spot. This way you can go cheaply to the most beautiful destinations.

All sun holiday offers collected for you

If you are looking for cheap sunshine holiday deals it is often difficult to compare all the different providers. On we have collected all sunvacation offers for you. Here you will find trips and day trips away from many different suppliers. So you can be sure that your ideal sun holiday is in between. Whether you are looking for a tour of America or want to stay closer to home in Europe. With us you will find sun holidays with discount to the most beautiful places. used cookies:   More information