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Holiday Offers & Deals [2023/2024]

Cheap holiday offers

We offer you - together with our travel agencies - cheap holiday deals. These holiday offers are very diverse, from nice weekend break to city trip and from sun holiday to winter sports. In other words, something for everyone, every period of the year! The beauty of our holiday day offers is that they are very cheap and often last minute to book.

State trips Europe

Book a City trip in Europe? In Europe you will find many nice city trips! Day offersOverzichtNL shows you the cheapest city trips in Europe. So a nice cheap city trip is quickly booked! Think for example of a city trip Antwerp, a city trip Porto or a city trip Bruges. A popular destination for a city break in Spain are of course Barcelona and Madrid. Of course you could also choose a smaller city like Valencia. Besides Spain our holiday providers offer city trips to London, Paris and Rome. If you've had these cities we definitely recommend a weekend break in the Ardennes or a city break in the direction of Brussels. An inexpensive city break is quickly found!

Stedentrip Netherlands

A weekend away in the Netherlands? A cheap city break in the Netherlands is quickly booked. The Netherlands offers many offers for city trips and in addition you are within a few hours by car on destination.

Stay trip by train

A city trip by train is often more fun than flying. The most popular city trip by train is to Paris and London. A city trip to Paris by train is done by Thalys. For a city trip to London by train you go under the canal via Calais. Apart from that, a city trip to Berlin by train is also a joyable weekend getaway! Finally, cheap city trips by train can be booked to cities such as Antwerp, Vienna, Prague and Brussels.

Studentrip airplane

Day OffersOverview.NL offers you cheap city trips by plane to destinations all over Europe. Think of a city trip London by plane or a city trip Prague or Berlin by plane. Take a look at the city trip offers and book a cheap plane ticket right away!

Book a cheap holiday in the sun

In which country do you want to be on the beach this summer? You can spend your summer holidays at the campsite in France, but also on the beach in Spain or Portugal. For a youth holiday we recommend the Costa Brava in Spain.

Are you already on your doorstep for the summer and you haven't booked a sunshine holiday yet? Then think about booking a last minute Turkey. In Turkey you have a lot of cheap all-inclusive resorts. Enjoy the sun and relax immediately. Also a must is Greece, where you always have sun; ideal for a sun holiday.

Last minute on Wintersports

Are you a real snowboarder or do you prefer the ski's? Just before the winter another winter sports book can be frustrating. Mainly because everything is already full and the winter trips that are still quite expensive. Our travel agencies have listed the last minute winter sports offers for you. The best spots for your winter sports are of course France and Austria. So if you can't find a winter sports holiday anymore you can always take a look here!

Holidays offers 2019

Also in 2019 we have again put the best holiday offers 2019 and last minute deals for you in one overview. Would you like another weekend away in December?

Book a cheap flight holiday

Flight tickets are often expensive during the holiday periods because the airlines get the planes full after all. That's why travel agencies often have combi deals, they make sure that you can still book a cheap flight holiday because the travel agency has a deal with the airlines as well as the hotels and resorts.

Vacation auctions, offer on your holiday

Today bidding on your holiday is very popular; this is also called holiday auction. Holiday auctions are usually done by travel agencies that still have a lot of free holidays, so the providers don't all get last minute bookings. Because you start bidding with very low prices, you have the chance to book a very cheap holiday through a holiday auction.

Statistics of our holiday offers

We offer an overview of the best holiday offers. Deals with an average discount of 38%. The offers have a price of around € 180, -. So many bargains! used cookies:   More information