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Weekend break Offers & Deals

Are you ready for a cheap weekend away in the Netherlands? Take advantage now of many weekend break offers. Travel by train, car or plane. Spending the night in a hotel or in a bungalow? Everything is possible. In this article we explain some nice places for you.

What to look out for when booking a weekend away?

A weekend away is a nice prospect. You can get away from it all, do nice things and relax for a while. You can look for peace and quiet in the woods or the hustle and bustle of a bustling city. There are many possibilities in the Netherlands. But maybe you'd prefer to catch a plane abroad. A weekend away doesn't have to be expensive. For example, you can save on transport. Often you will spend the most money on this. Parking can also be an expensive affair. Or look at a trip by train. This can sometimes be cheaper than the car and the plane. There are often last minute weekends away in the Netherlands. We have made an overview for you of all cheap weekends away to the Netherlands but also abroad. So you can for little money a top weekend experience.

Stay and sightseeing

In terms of your stay, a hotel is often the most expensive option. A weekend break in a bungalow or apartment is generally cheaper. In an apartment or cottage you can also cook for yourself, which is fun and saves costs. You also want to do something at your destination. Book your tickets in advance instead of buying a ticket on the spot. This will save you a lot of money and you can see if there are discount vouchers available online. Orient yourself well where you want to go and see which deals are most interesting for you. There are a lot of offers for weekends away.

Weekend road offers in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are countless beautiful and fun places where you can spend a weekend. We'll be happy to highlight a few nice places for you, so you can get some inspiration for your next weekend away.

A relaxing weekend to Texel

How about a weekend away to Texel? On this island you can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beach. A weekend by the sea brings peace and relaxation. You can also have a drink on Texel's many terraces. You can make a bike ride, walk on the beach and sometimes you have the luxury that the hotel where you stay offers massages and a spa. The island can be reached by boat and it is also possible to reserve a place for your car on the island.

Enjoy nature and the city in South Limburg

South-Limburg has beautiful nature reserves, where you can stay in the most beautiful hotels. There are plenty of things to do and see in Limburg, including beautiful walking and cycling routes. You can do cultural activities in the vibrant city of Maastricht. Here you can also visit the caves. On this page you will find the best offers for a weekend break with a hotel stay. You can also book a last minute weekend away, so you can take advantage of great discounts. Maastricht is easy to reach by train, but you can also travel to South Limburg by car. At many hotels you can park your car for free.

A weekend trip abroad

When you want a weekend away from the Netherlands, there are countless possibilities. You can organise a city trip to London or stay in the beautiful surroundings of southern France. If you're travelling abroad, you have the option of taking a plane. Driving with your own car to your destination is also possible. You can choose for the comfort of a hotel, but also outside the Netherlands apartments or bungalows are regularly offered. You can compose your perfect weekend getaway the way you want. For this we also give you some nice tips.

A romantic weekend in Paris

Paris is the city of love. You can dine in restaurants and this city has beautiful architecture. For those who like to shop there is also plenty of choice, from the most luxurious shopping streets to affordable shops. There is a lot to do here and there are plenty of hotels near the center for a romatic weekend break. When you book a hotel or apartment outside the center, it often saves money. The center is often easy to reach by subway, so you will be on the square of the Eiffel Tower within a few minutes. Paris is easy to reach with your own car. Also by train you are within a few hours in this large but romantic city.

A few days away to Germany

Not far from home, but lots to do. A weekend away to Germany is a must if you like picturesque villages, for example Walsrode. You can walk or cycle here in the beautiful nature reserves. Do you go by car? Then this offers many possibilities. The beautiful city of Hanover is an hour's drive from Walsrode. This city is definitely worth a visit, because of the beautiful buildings and the cozy atmosphere. You can also go directly from the Netherlands to Hanover. This is possible by plane, so you are within 55 minutes at your destination. By car you are longer on the road, namely about four hours. But you then have all the freedom to discover the surroundings.

A weekend with the kids to the Ardennes

Even out with the whole family. What could be nicer than staying at a campsite? A nice weekend away in the beautiful surroundings of the Ardennes. There are several campsites in the Ardennes where you can spend a weekend in a bungalow, tent or mobile home. The accommodations are often fully equipped and the Ardennes is a beautiful area with all kinds of fun activities. You can choose an exciting and active holiday with the family and go rafting or abseiling. Would you like to make a cycling tour? No problem. Bicycles can be rented at many places, usually at the campsite where you stay. The Ardennes is easy to reach by car from the Netherlands. It takes about three hours and you can usually park at your accommodation. used cookies:   More information