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Are you looking for a nice holiday offer for summer or winter? Day offers overview focuses on day offers, deals of the day, day deals and deals of the day. Do you have a day off but still want some inspiration about possible activities you can do? Would you like to have a nice dinner with discount or are you looking for good day deals? Then you've come to the right place for day deals.

Action of the day

Are you looking for a fun action of the day? We specialize in all kinds of actions. If you can't find a particular promotion, you can create a personal newsletter. So you'll never miss an action of the day again. You can decide which categories you receive. This way you will only receive the discounts you're looking for.

All actions of the day are divided into extensive categories so that you can easily search. Some actions are valid for more than one day. But sometimes you also need to be quick.

Day offer

In search of the day's offer? Take a look at our extensive overview and find the day offer you are looking for. Day trips, holidays or electronics offers. You can find all kinds of day offers with us.

Day Deals

You'll not only find here, daytrips or daytrips for your holiday or different electronics, but much more. There is also a wide range of groupon day deals and various offers from hotels. Are you curious what kind of promotions there are? Then read on! But don't wait too long to book your holiday, trip or product, because before you know it, the action of the day will be over!

All daily offers and discounts in one overview

You'll find numerous day offers for holidays, day trips and different products. For all these day deals there are a large number of providers who sell their day deals and deals through the website. For travel you can find deals here from traveldeal, tui, Oad and Kras. They offer a variety of trips both at home and abroad. Do you want to go away for a longer period of time or just for a short weekend? Everything is possible with the great day deals holidays of these providers.

Via offers from the last table and social deal you can go out for dinner last minute. They offer a huge variety of restaurants throughout the Netherlands. Looking for a new suitcase to travel with? Looking for a fan for the hot summer months? offers products of all shapes and sizes for a favorable price. You will also find deals from for the best days out and from price-free and pre-distribution drugstore. In addition to these great providers, you will also find numerous other offers!

Types of holidays you can find here

weekend away in a Dutch city, or you can go on a city trip to a beautiful city in Europe. Are you not a fan of the hustle and bustle of cities? Then choose a active walking or cycling holiday. Enjoy nature, visit beautiful places and be active at the same time. The daytrips holidays are endless and vary daily. There are always different car holidays, bus tours or cruises available for you to choose from. Also winter sports, round trips, single trips and all-inclusive holidays belong to the possibilities. Are you looking for some extra inspiration for your next holiday? Then read on about some great tips.


Comfortable travel with a bus holiday

Some people love to go on holiday by car themselves, but if you don't like this or don't have a car, for example, then you'll have to look for other alternatives. One of these alternatives is a bus trip. With an action of the day trips you can find favorable offers to go on holiday by bus. With pick-up places throughout the Netherlands, you can quickly start your journey in your area. These holidays often include all accommodation, such as hotels. Usually even breakfast and dinner are included, as well as trips to beautiful sights in the area. A perfect, relaxing holiday where you don't have to worry about anything!

Active travel: cycling and walking at home and abroad

Is a beach holiday not for you? Are you not a fan of the culture that cities have to offer? Then an active holiday can be an ideal deal of the day's holiday! In the Netherlands you will find beautiful nature, such as the Veluwe or the south of Limburg, where you can experience a fantastic active holiday. Throughout Europe it is also possible to walk through beautiful areas and nature. Think for example of walks through the Black Forest, or beautiful bike rides along lakes in Austria. The possibilities are endless and every day there is a new action of the day for active travel.

Hotel day deals to enjoy relaxing holidays

For a relaxing holiday you can choose to stay in a hotel. With different day deals hotels you can stay at the most beautiful hotels all over the world for a favorable price. The choice is enormous, so you can easily select which hotel meets your needs. For example, do you want a hotel near the coast or right in the middle of the city? Do you need a swimming pool and free Wi-Fi? These are all things you can take into account when choosing a deal of the day hotel.

Summer holidays and winter sports offers

Enjoy your freedom with a car holiday

The car is still one of the most popular means of transport when it comes to holidays. You can get to your destination in a comfortable way and make stops wherever you want. Also, the trip is already a holiday in itself as you often pass through beautiful areas during your route. By car you can travel to different places in Europe. For example, go to countries such as France or Italy and enjoy the beautiful weather and delicious food.

Day deals holidays: city trips at home and abroad

Do you want to spend a weekend exploring a beautiful city? Then a city trip is perfect. Both in the Netherlands and in Europe there are beautiful cities where you can go to sniff out culture. In the Netherlands, for example, think of cities like Haarlem or Maastricht. In Europe you can go to Prague, Rome, Paris or Porto. With the different day deals holidays you will always find a city to discover.

A nice day & evening out

There is nothing better than to have a day off or evening off after a busy working week. If you don't feel like spending the day off at home or on the couch, there are many other possibilities. For example, you'll find several deals of the day for concerts & theatre to visit. On your day off you can also go to the zoo, to one of the many amusement parks or to a museum to soak up culture. Are you really in need of rest and relaxation? Then pay a visit to a wellness centre or a sauna. With the hundreds of day deals you can enjoy your day or night out in an inexpensive way.

Culinary dining in restaurants throughout the Netherlands

all you can eat to sushi and from tapas to high tea, anything is possible. Depending on the budget you have for dinner, your taste and the place you can choose from numerous restaurants. For example, choose to eat Mexican and enjoy delicious pieces of meat with your friends or family. Would you like to spend an afternoon catching up with friends? Then you can have a whole afternoon of tea with a delicious high tea. Perfect to catch up and also delicious snacks and sweets!


To an amusement park with discount

The Efteling, Movie Park Germany and Bobbejaanland are just some of the amusement parks you can visit in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You will find amusement park offers that offer action for both young and old. Stroll around the park all day long, enjoy good food and go on exciting roller coasters. You can also often watch many shows to unwind. An ideal day out. And with an inexpensive action of the day, you'll also have some money left over for an ice cream or an extra drink.

Sauna offers

Daily life is often very stressful. Work, children and a social life can make you barely have time for yourself. If you have a day off, it is therefore nice to enjoy it as much as possible. And what better way to unwind than in a wellness centre or sauna offer? You can also find various offers for a day of wellness. Relax completely in the saunas, swimming pools and cooling facilities. Often there are also rituals you can participate in and enjoy a soothing massage.

Workshops: an educational day with friends or family

A special activity to undertake on a day off is to participate in a workshop at a discount. This is ideal for a friend day, bachelor party or a family day. There are numerous workshops and special offers for an inexpensive activity. For example, you can be creative and make your own candles. Design your own bag or make your own delicious perfume. Would you like to be a lot more active? Then take part in a training crossfit or an afternoon of yoga. Also if you want to learn how to cook better you can participate in a workshop. Choose from one of the culinary workshops and learn the fine tricks of cooking.

Enjoying on the water with a cruise

Netherlands is a water country. It has many rivers and cities with beautiful canals. You can discover the most beautiful natural areas by boat. Or learn about the history of historic cities from a boat on the canals. A canal cruise is an ideal day out with friends or family. With the action of the day you can find beautiful roundtrip offers. Sail for example through the ancient canals of Delft or Amsterdam. Do you prefer to make a holiday out of it? With a day offer or deal of the day's holiday you can also take a canal cruise abroad. Sail along the Seine in beautiful Paris or discover the nature of Germany. Combine the cruise with a day's offer in a hotel and your holiday is complete.

To the zoo with discount

Netherlands has a large number of museums and prachtig zoos. For a day out you can discover more about the history of the Netherlands or see beautiful art. Do you prefer to be outside? Then you can also choose to go to the zoo for a day. Spot the best animals together with your children.

Promotional action of the day products purchase

There are always products you have been looking for, but haven't bought yet. Sometimes you can't find what you're looking for. Sometimes you find it far too expensive to buy. With the day offers electronics and other products you can buy many types of products in an inexpensive way. Various gadgets are available, as well as fitness equipment, clothing and stuff for your home and your interior.

Interior offers

Do you still find your house a little bare? Is there something missing to make it a lot cozier? Or have you been looking for other things to put in your home for ages? Then you've come to the right place. You will find numerous deals and products to dress up your home with. Think of accessories, rugs and plants. Besides these items for your interior, there are also a lot of practical products available. For example, kitchen utensils such as coffee machines, duvets and mattresses are available. All of this at an affordable price and daily with the best deals. Several suppliers offer their products here, such as the action of the day groupon.

Fitness equipment offers

Don't you have the motivation to go to a gym every week? Then it might be an idea to buy fitness equipment for your home. Because of this, the threshold for going to the gym is a lot lower. However, fitness equipment can sometimes be quite expensive. With the action of the day from groupon and other providers you can save a lot of money. Here you will find equipment, activity trackers and much more to start your sporting life.

Purchase fashion with discount

Also clothing and other fashion items can be found at great prices. Nice shirts or easy shirts at favorable prices. Accessories to expand your wardrobe can also be found here. Beautiful sunglasses for the summer months and beautiful scarves for when it's a lot colder. Bags in different sizes, watches, underwear and jewelry are also part of the wide range.

Day offers electronics: cool gadgets for a good price

Already looking for a Smartwatch, an electric vacuum cleaner, a camera system or wireless headphones? At day offers-overview you are at the right address. Here you will find a lot of day offers on electronics. There are small gadgets available, such as flashlights, activity trackers and cables and adapters. Also larger, more expensive products can be found such as televisions, smartphones and tablets. Most chic gadgets from numerous brands with huge discounts of up to 50% or 60%. Why pay the full amount when you can also buy in a smart way? Day deals change daily, so there's a new chance every day that the product you're looking for is on sale. used cookies:   More information