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Day Out & Evening Out Offers [op=op, update: 15min.]

Do you want a cheap day or night out? Then you'll find all the offers here!

Whenever you're looking for inspiration for a cheap but fun day or night out, you're in luck. Wouldn't it be great if there was an online place where you could search extensively for all kinds of deals on cheap but fun activities and outings? Let that place now also exist: Welcome to the biggest online paradise where you can easily find the best activities for cheap days or nights out.

Day or night out, there are more than enough deals to choose from.

If you are looking for a source of inspiration for great outings at a great discount, you can start your search best on this website. We have collected and categorized all offers for a day or night out for you. We offer you discounted trips within various categories:

  • Choose for a discounted outing in the field of active and sports;
  • Go cheap to a concert or a theatre;
  • If you want to learn something during your day or evening out, choose an offer concerning culture and museum;
  • Create your family out of all animal lovers: visit a zoo;
  • Feel like having a good time? Book a discount deal to one of the many amusement parks in our country.

Are all these options for a day or night out not surprisingly enough for you? Then look further because you can find many more original offers here. If you want to stay close to home without too much fuss, then choose one of the many deals on eating out and drinking.

A day or evening out in the field of active and sports

If, during your day or evening out, you choose for an activity in the field of active and sports, then you can be sure that you will be able to crash on the couch with satisfaction afterwards. If you go out with children, it's great fun, for example, to book a discount campaign and go out with the kids for an hour at one of the jumpsquare trampoline parks. If you need to catch your breath, order a cool drink at the bar. After that, you can jump on and on again.

Not all activities, however, necessarily involve sweat drops. You can also go bowling or skittles cheaply. That makes for a fun game element during the evening. You can book a discount package in combination with delicious stone grilling. The bowling or skittles prevents a wrapping moment and ensures that you have a lot of fun with your friends or family and that the atmosphere remains good. Book your day or night out in the field of active and sports directly with a substantial discount.

Pamper yourself with an offer in the field of beauty and treatments

If you choose a day or night out within the category of beauty and treatments, you choose a more passive activity. That doesn't mean that you won't get any sweat droplets. You can also book a visit to a sauna very cheaply. Temperatures around boiling point will make you wonderfully relaxed. Afterwards, cool off in the pool and relax with a glass of wine in the hottub.

Attractive discount offers from saunas and wellness centres where you can enjoy wonderful beauty activities and treatments are also in your area. The great thing about our website is that you can easily select by location. The discount deals regarding beauty and treatments in your area will then all be immediately visible.

Endless deals for concert and theatre or culture and museum

Do you like a somewhat stylish day or evening out but not too long sitting still? Then opt for a cultural and museum offer. Nothing beats an activity that is fun and also teaches you something interesting. For example, book a cheap entrance ticket to 'Body Worlds' and see real human bodies in detail. Go to the aviation museum or create your own work of art during a mosaic workshop. The cultural and museum offers all guarantee a fun and surprising day out or evening out.

Day out of the zoo or visit one of the many amusement parks

Whether you're going away for a day, just the two of you, or with the whole family. A discount deal for access to one of the many zoos or amusement parks in the Netherlands guarantees a day full of fun. On you will find the best discount deals that you can book directly. Do you want more than one day or night out, for example a whole weekend? Then opt for a last-minute offer for the Efteling with 2 nights in Bosrijk, for example. Have you been there so often? There are also many discount offers for other amusement parks and zoos that you can visit for several days.

All options for a day or night out right near you

Book a day or night out via Whether you opt for an activity in the field of active and sports, beauty and treatments or you want to visit a concert or theatre cheaply. Whether you go for an educational outing within the category culture and museum or whether you opt for flat fun by visiting a zoo or one of the many amusement parks. The very best discount deals can only be found at


You can also visit our website for other fun activities to give substance to your day or night out, such as photo shoots, delicious food and drinks or for following workshops and training sessions. Get your deal and have some fun! used cookies:   More information