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Wellness & Sauna Offers & Deals

Today we have to do a lot; work, sport and busy with the household. It's also nice to maintain social contacts and meet up with friends. This makes it nice to spend a day of complete relaxation, and what better way to do that than with a wonderful sauna or thermal spa offer.

A cheap day at a sauna in the Netherlands is a perfect moment for yourself. You have no distractions from your phone, emails or other stimuli. This way you can relax completely with a day in the sauna. Are you planning to go to the sauna soon? Here you will find more information about different sauna offers and things to take into account.

What do you have to watch out for when you go to the sauna?

If you go to a wellness center for a day, many people think that you just sit in the sauna all day. However, there are many more possibilities for a wellness package. For example, there are often a lot of baths where you can enjoy both inside and outside. There are also rest areas, where you can relax or read a book.

Also, in larger centers there are often treatments and massages and various rituals in which you can participate. Because of the quiet colors of the beautiful centers you can enjoy and relax a whole day. In a large number of saunas in the Netherlands there are also restaurants where you can go for delicacies.

What do you need for a day of wellness?

What exactly should you take with you to the sauna one day? For many, this is a question if you have never been to a sauna or a wellness centre. First of all, it's smart to bring a large bath towel, as well as two towels. Also a bathrobe and slippers are good to take along. In addition, a bottle of water is handy, so you don't dry out in the heat.

Look further at the specifications of the thermal offer or sauna offer. These often describe what you need to take with you when visiting the sauna. Sometimes towels, a bathrobe and slippers are included in the package.

Bathclothes days at the different centres

One of the things that prevents them from going to the sauna is that a lot of people are naked. A low-threshold way to get a first experience with the sauna is then to have a swimsuit day. Several saunas offer these days every week, on which it is compulsory to wear bathing suits. If you're not comfortable going to the sauna naked, this is a way to feel a lot more comfortable. On a special swimwear day you can wear a swimsuit, swim trunks or bikini.

The possibilities for Sauna Netherlands

In the Netherlands there are dozens of saunas where you can go for a relaxing day. Below are some tips for a thermal offer and a sauna discount. This allows you to enjoy a day carefree in an inexpensive way.

Enjoy a day in the sauna in Groningen

Wellnessresort de Waterlelie is a luxury wellness centre located in Groningen. It has a rural location, so you can retreat there for a while. This centre consists of 9 different saunas. The saunas are not all the same but all have their own atmosphere and temperature. For example, there is a panoramic sauna or a salt-stone sauna.

Even a break from wellness in Valkenburg

Do you want to enjoy not only a day but for a longer period of time? Then opt for a wellness package in Valkenburg. A romantic getaway for you and your partner. You can completely unwind in the hotel in Valkenburg, a short distance from the nice centre. In Valkenburg you will find several cosy restaurants, shops and interesting museums.

Sauna discount at wellness resort Veluwse Bron

A very famous Sauna Netherlands is the Veluwe Spring. You have come to the right place to completely relax. The resort is located in the middle of the Veluwe nature, which immediately gives you the idea that you are on holiday. You immediately forget all the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life here.

The sauna is located near Apeldoorn and Zwolle and is therefore centrally located and easy to reach. With a sauna discount you can enjoy the multiple facilities of the Veluwse Bron. They have several saunas here, such as a lavender sauna, casting sauna and a panoramic sauna. The saunas are all specially decorated with beautiful colors to create a soothing environment.

Besides the several saunas, there are also several baths. There is a herbal bath, several foot baths and a saltwater bath. If this is not enough, there are also relaxation areas and a spa garden. De Veluwse Bron has several restaurants to enjoy a snack or a full meal.

Wellness package abroad

Not only in the Netherlands you can enjoy different sauna offers, also in other countries this is possible. You can combine a thermal offer with a weekend away or a longer holiday. For example, enjoy a weekend break in Belgium or Germany with a wellness package. This way you can get away from it all and fully enjoy the peace and quiet.

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