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Water activities Offers & Deals

A cheap canal cruise offer is a great relaxing activity. You can enjoy the city or the nature around you on a boat. At the same time it is often a very instructive activity. There is often a guide on the boat who will tell you more about the surroundings. This way you can learn more about the canals and the city you are sailing into or about the nature reserve. Find a cheap canal cruise offer in your area at the top of this page.

Netherlands is a country full of water, so there is also a large offer of round trips. For example, you can sail through the canals of various cities, but also across rivers. In addition, our country has a number of beautiful nature reserves where you can cruise around. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of a canal cruise? Then read more in the text below and get inspired.

Tips for a delicious, inexpensive cruise

A cruise is a fun day out with the whole family, with friends or for a company party. You will discover beautiful cities or beautiful nature reserves. To make your cruise a success, it is smart to check out the various options on the internet. Look for example at the cities where a canal cruise is possible. In addition, it is also smart to see how long the trip takes. For example, if you are going to do a canal cruise for a family day with young children, it is wise not to spend hours on a boat.

You'll find various canal cruise offers here. So you can enjoy in a favorable way. Keep in mind the weather and the type of boat. Some boats will be covered, but it is also possible that you are mainly outside. In that case it's nice if the temperature outside is reasonably pleasant. This is therefore something to keep in mind when planning a cheap cruise.

Tour trip offers in the Netherlands: endless options

The Netherlands is an enormously versatile country. There are several beautiful, old cities with beautiful canals. Think for example of Delft, Haarlem and the popular Amsterdam. Do you prefer to take a break? Then you can take a cruise through one of the nature reserves that our country is rich in. Below you will find a number of interesting canal cruises for you to consider!

Visiting the ancient canals of Delft

Delft is a beautiful city, which is known, among other things, for its Delft blue. The city has beautiful old canal houses and nice streets. A very unique way to discover Delft is via a canal cruise. With an experienced guide you will sail through the canals of this city for about an hour. At the same time you will learn more about the history of the city, the Delft Blue and the painter Johannes Vermeer. This canal cruise is therefore an educational activity for young and old. Perfect for a family day, friends weekend or a company outing.

Discover the animals and nature in the Brabantse Biesbosch

The Biesbosch is one of the most popular nature reserves in our country. In this area, due to the abundance of water, there are many species of water birds to be found. The park is number 5 on the list of largest nature parks in the Netherlands and offers a variety of animals. Through the panoramic deck of the boat you can enjoy the beautiful nature around you.

On board there is a skipper who will tell you more about nature and what you will encounter along the way. There are many species of birds, including very special bird species such as the kingfisher, spoonbill and osprey. If you're a bit lucky you might also come across a beaver during this cruise! This cruise is a wonderful day out and takes about 2 hours on average. On board there are several facilities such as a toilet and shelter, so even with bad weather it is a perfect day out.

Discover our beautiful capital Amsterdam by boat

Amsterdam is a vibrant capital and is known for its many canals and water. A day in Amsterdam is therefore not complete without a beautiful canal cruise through the city. You can view the iconic sights in a relaxed way from the boat. For example, you'll often pass by the Anne Frank house, the old Heineken factory and the most beautiful canal houses. During the cruise you can admire the famous canals such as the Keizersgracht and the Prinsengracht. With an experienced guide on board, you'll also learn all about national history and the city. You will receive interesting information and fun facts.

Since Amsterdam is a popular and touristic city, there are also many possibilities to make a canal cruise. That's why you'll find a large number of canal cruise offers to make a cheap round trip through the city. Depending on the tour you'll make a different route, but on average you'll spend about an hour on this canal cruise.

Cruise abroad

Of course it is not only possible to make a beautiful cruise in our country. You can often do this in other cities and nature reserves as well. It is a unique experience and a nice opportunity to see the surroundings in a different way. Throughout Europe there are several cities, such as Paris or Budapest, which you can discover by boat.

Paris is known as the city of love. The city offers beautiful sights such as the Louvre, the Sacré-Coeur and of course the Eiffel Tower. A trip on the Seine should not be missed during a visit to this beautiful city. You sail on this beautiful river and see a number of great sights.

With a guide you will also learn all about the city. It is therefore a wonderfully relaxed way to see the city. Combine these canal cruise deals in Paris with a delicious hotel. Perfect for a weekend break or a longer holiday. The city is extremely versatile, so you can have fun for days.

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