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Amusement parks Offers & Deals

Courts, exciting attractions and cozy restaurants are typical for a day trip to an amusement park in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are several parks where you can spend a day at an affordable price. There are many amusement park offers in the Netherlands. Go for example cheap to the Efteling or Hellendoorn.

Are you curious about the amusement parks in our country? Would you like to find inspiration for a fun day out? Or are you looking for some tips to take into account for a day at an amusement park? Then read further in the article below and discover dozens of great amusement park offers.

A day at the amusement park

should be taken into account.

Plan your visit to the amusement park

Before you visit an amusement park, it is wise to be well informed. For example, look online for offers for amusement parks such as Slagharen, Bobbejaanland or Hellendoorn. This way you can save a lot of money. Tickets online are often a lot cheaper than at the box office at the amusement park itself.

Check on which day you're going to the park. During holidays and weekends it can be very busy, causing long queues to form in front of the attractions. Do you like a bit more peace and quiet? Then make sure you go to an amusement park on a weekday and outside the high season. It can also be wise to leave very early, as the first hours in a park are often quieter.

Tips for during your visit

In an amusement park there are a number of things you can take into account to make it more pleasant. Make sure, for example, that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes. It's also smart to arrange a meeting point if you lose each other in the hustle and bustle.

Don't you want to spend a lot of money on food? Then make sure you bring your own snacks and lunch. Be sure to check in advance whether it is allowed to bring food into the park. You can often read this information in the terms and conditions of the park on internet.

Please visit one of the many amusement parks in the Netherlands


Netherlands offers a wide variety of different amusement parks. There are amusement parks for smaller children as well as for teenagers and adults. With a discount you can visit an amusement park in the Netherlands cheaply. Some of the nicest parks for a fun day out are explained below.

Pretpark offer to the Efteling

The Efteling is perhaps one of the most famous amusement parks in the Netherlands. It is a world where fairy tales come to life. You will find attractions for young and old. Exciting roller coasters for spectacle and the Sprookjesbos (Fairytale Forest) to wander around in.

All in all, the Efteling is a day out to completely enjoy. With an offer Efteling you can also visit this park with a high discount. For example, you can combine a visit with an overnight stay in a hotel nearby. After a delicious breakfast at the hotel, you can stand at the gates early in the morning and experience a full day of adventures in the park.

With discount to amusement park Slagharen: fun for everyone

In amusement park Slagharen you can enjoy multiple shows and watch 4D movies. In addition, you can also take action yourself. There are several rides in the water and there are also cool roller coasters. With an offer to Slagharen amusement park you will have an unforgettable day. The park is perfect for a day out with the family, a children's party or the whole family.

Action amusement park Hellendoorn

In Hellendoorn you will find over 30 attractions to experience everything. One of the advantages of this park is that the atmosphere is friendly and the distances between the attractions are small. Also, there are often only short queues, so you can fully enjoy your day. In Dreumesland you can go with the youngest children, but there is also plenty to do for older children. The park is located in the province of Overijssel and is easy to reach by car or public transport.

On an adventure abroad

Not only in the Netherlands there are a large number of amusement parks, but you can also go abroad on an adventurous day out. In Belgium, for example, you will find Bobbejaanland and you can go to Movie Park Germany just across the border in Germany. Combine a day at the amusement park with an hotel overnight stay. In this way you can turn a day out into a real mini holiday.

With discount to Bobbejaanland

Bobbejaanland lies just across the border in Belgium and is a park for young and old. You will find exciting roller coasters as well as modern techniques such as virtual reality. In addition, there are several terraces to enjoy the sunshine. With a special offer Bobbejaanland you can have a full day of adventure for a good price.

Discount to Movie Park Germany

In the German Movie Park Germany you soon feel like you're in Hollywood. You will not only find exciting attractions here, but also fun shows. You can also meet your TV heroes such as Spongebob, Dora and Jimmy Neutron. Do you love roller coasters? Then you can find several fast rollercoasters. Are you on the road with small children and looking for a little less adventure? Then pay a visit to Nickland. This part of the park is accessible for young ages and the rides are geared to this.

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